Elaine Mroz-Bunnell (sometimes known as LMN), is a film student from Jacksonville, Florida. Her strengths lie in film editing and writing. As of April 27, 2021, she is an Adobe Certified Video Design Professional, being a certified associate in Premiere Pro and Photoshop.
From 2017 to 2021, Elaine was a student at the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Jacksonville, Florida. Currently, she is pursuing a Film B.F.A. at the University of Central Florida.
Elaine is a fan of action and thriller films, either with comedic or incredibly dark elements. Her favorite directors include John Carpenter, Sam Raimi, and Zack Snyder, while her favorite films include Reservoir Dogs, TRON Legacy, and Mandy.
Previously, Elaine used the alias "LMN" when being credited on projects. This has been phased out following the start of her transition.
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